Foods from October: the healthy, the bomb, and the down right yummy

Name of foods and where you can buy and find them, starting from top left to right:

1. Black Berry protein pancakes with vegan warrior protein blend –>recipe

2. Vegetarian hash with eggs –> Union Special, Raleigh, NC

3. Tofu peanut butter noodles –>recipe

4. Cashew cheese toast with honey bread from–>recipe for cashew cheese, bread from Union Special: sour dough

5. Cashew cheese with plum tomatoes- same recipe as above, bread from Union Special: sour dough

6. Corn Cheese fritters–> Bar taco ( North Hills) Raleigh, NC

7. Vegetable Kelp noodles ( noodles from Wholefoods)

8. Vegetarian Ramen –>Tonbo Ramen (Downtown) Raleigh, NC

9. Homemade corn tacos with vegan chilli and potatoes

10. Butter toffee pretzels –> Trader Joe’s

11. Coconut soup (My own recipe)

12. Yuba noodles –> Hodo Foods where to buy: Target and Wholefoods

Best Restaurant I went to in October?

Answer- Union Special #2 food picture- great food and fast service.

Best thing I made in October?

Answer- Chili potato tacos #9 food picture

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