Relax, Wegmans Is A GROCERY Store.

Wegmans is now open in Raleigh, North Carolina. People have been waiting for this supermarket for years. As for me, I didn’t understand the excitement behind it. I mean, who goes crazy for a grocery store? Trader Joe’s and Sprouts have my undying loyalty. I would never betray my beloved Trader Joe’s would I?

I must confess, I went to Wegmans on Sunday. I couldn’t stay away! Believe me, I tried. The grocery store buzz was every where. Even my uncle who hates shopping, called my dad raving about it. How is this grocery store more popular than Taylor Swift I wondered.

I decided to investigate.

I arrived at Mid-Town East shopping center at a quarter till 10. I taught my Sunday morning class then headed to Wegmans. Let me tell you, the traffic was outrageous. The local news predicted 40,000 people for grand opening. 30,00 people came breaking a Wegmans’ record.

I have never seen so many people at a grocery store in my life (Wal-mart does not count). There were policemen directing traffic, news anchors and camera crew in every corner, families, little ones, everybody and their mama was at Wegmans.

Picture from CBS 17. Date 9/29/2019

Going in the store,

I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in. I expected the crowd, but a food court? What in the world! Is this the mall? Wegmans has small restaurants inside their store. You can find hot and prepared pizza, fresh sushi, desserts, burgers and fries, salads, sandwiches, etc.

Wegmans also has a hot bar and I am talking about a HOT-HOT bar: vegetarian, Asian, protein, seasonal, and southern fixings’. Next to the hot bar and food court, there is a Seafood market– local NC fish, a whole aisle dedicated to fresh organic poultry and meat, and let’s not forget about the cheese!

Look at it!

Now the produce

To be a great supermarket, you must have farm fresh produce. Wegmans doesn’t disappoint. Wegmans produce section is setup like Harris Teeter with a Fresh Market flare. There were people in the produce section, but not as many people as you would have thought there would be.

I find not too many people go crazy over broccoli crowns and apples.

The Seafood

I was surprised that the fish section looked like like this! It reminded of the Borough Market in London. I am not saying Wegmans is better than the Borough Market, absolutely not, however, Wegmans’ seafood selection is impressive.

The have a variety of fresh fish, scallops, lobsters, and my favorite oysters. I am heavily considering eating fish again.

Up next, dietary restrictions,

Whatever diet you follow or food sensitivity/allergy you have, Wegman’s got you covered. I always thought Sprouts was home to the most diverse food products on earth, but. Wegman’s has them beat.

This is the first grocery store I have seen carry different brands of vegan ground meat. They sell Impossible Burger, Beyond meat, Light Life, and Wegman’s own brand.

Wegan’s also has over 1,000 gluten-free and over 600 keto products. Did I mentioned they also carry my favorite plant-based protein bars, natural snacks, and frozen goodies! Wegmans what are you doing to me!

About the Wine and other tings…

Wegmans has wine and a lot of wine y’all. They also have craft beer and American favorites. I am not a wine fan, but I do respect a good grape. Well done, Wegmans. I may buy a bottle of Sangria pretty soon! 🙂

What disappointed me about Wegmans was their aisle of candy and chocolates; they need to step up their game.. Most natural food stores like Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and The Fresh Market do chocolate very well; they have bars ranging from sea-salt caramel to cherry and almond. They also have chocolate goodies like truffles and nutty chocolate barks.

Wedgmans is seriously lacking in the chocolate department. Reese, Snickers, and M&M’s are low quality chocolate. I was gravely disappointed.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t buy anything from Wegmans. However, I understand the hype now. This grocery store is the mother of all grocery stores, a bit intimidating and extremely overwhelming.

Could I survive without it? Yes, of course. The real question is, do I want to? No, I do not.

Have a happy Hump Day,

Fitsavvy ❤

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