4 Things To Try This Fall: Club Pilates, Starbucks Pumpkin Nitro Cold brew, Matcha Milk,and Trader Joe’s Fruit Snacks.

I love food and I love trying new foods (snacks and things). I think I need to cut back on my food spending habits, buuuut…. I can’t. Trying new food and new experiences is my thing! I CANT wait to tell you guys the new foods I have tired.

When someone tells me they hate trying different foods or are uncomfortable participating in new adventures, I am baffled. Every week, I make it my mission to try something different. Check out the new foods and adventures I tried last week!

Club Pilates

Club Pilates in Midtown East recently opened! The Row House, where I work, is in walking distance! Did you know most fitness boutiques allow you to try a class for free!!!??? I took a 30 minute beginner class and it felt great!

I have always had misconceptions about Pilates. I thought Pilates was only for the “elite” and the “yoga-type” people. I was wrong. Club Pilates is heavenly, beautiful smelling, and so chic.

Beginner class is spent mostly on the Pilates reformer. The reformer is like a big mattress with gadgets attached to it; the reformer supports your spine and tailbone during exercise. On the reformer we did core and pelvic work, squats, and inner thigh work. After those exercises, we used the standing pieces to work on our inner and outer hips.

Although I felt awkward, I could really feel my inner thighs and lower abdomen working. During exercises like biking, rowing, and running you don’t get work on the smaller muscles. I think everyone can benefit from Pilates, yes, you too, body builders!

Matcha Ripple Milk

If you haven’t heard about matcha powder, you are living under a rock. Matcha green tea is the latest fitness detox trend. It is green tea, but with a power- kick. Personally, I’m not a fan of green tea. The taste is bitter and metallic, but it does have it’s benefits: green tea can speed up metabolism contributing to weight loss.

As for Ripple milk, Ripple is a vegan milk substitute made from pea protein. Ripple milk is the only milk substitute on the market that is high in protein.

Together Matcha and Ripple milk provide a protein power blast! I wasn’t a fan of the taste, but the drink goes down smooth and for 8 grams of protein, I would buy again.

Starbucks’s Pumpkin Nitro Cold Brew

Move over pumpkin spice latte there is a new fall signature drink at Starbucks! Starbucks’s Pumpkin nitro cold brew is incredible! It is literally the best coffee-drink I have ever had at Starbucks.

To make sure I wasn’t in La La land, I purchased a pumpkin spice latte the next day. I had to make sure the nitro cold brew was as good as I thought. And it is. It is totally completely scrumptious. I could have this drink everyday!

The best part about the nitro cold brew is the cream, way better than whip cream on top.

Trader Joe’s Fruit Snack

Nobody loves fruit snacks more than my sister. Growing up my mother would buy my sister Welch’s and me Mott’s. I liked Welch’s, but Mott’s fruit flavor taste more like real fruit.

Trader Joe’s organic fruit snacks are delicious. ! I ate an entire box in one sitting. I bought them again this weekend promising myself to make them last, I have one bag left–I love them. ❤

Happy Fall,

fitsavvy 🙂


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