Ladies put the anti-cellulite cream down.

Last week, while I was checking yahoo news, I stumbled across the article This $45 moisturizer has made over 150,000 people’s cellulite vanish” posted by AOL. Instantly, I was irritated. I know it is summer, but I am tired of the cellulite worry.

For decades, women have been concerned about the dimpled skin covering their hips, buns, and thighs. Women have been reluctant to wear bikinis or short shorts in fear of someone noticing their legs. I have been one of those women.

I first noticed I had cellulite during a bikini fitting. What should have been a great time at the beach was a time of embarrassment and self loathing. I was 19. I couldn’t believe I had cellulite.

Despite being a college athlete, I gained the dreaded freshmen 15. And the weight I was carrying was in my butt and thighs (this was before big butts became trendy). My confidence plummeted and my summers weren’t so hot anymore.

It takes a lot of confidence to love your body

I remember back in the early 2000s female celebrities would be ridiculed by paparazzi and gossip magazines for not having the perfect body. Photoshop was also prevalent then and unachievable beauty standards were the standard. As a young girl, I knew cellulite was the death of beauty because the magazines told me so.

I wanted to get rid of it. I thought to buy anti- cellulite cream– the coffee creams and firming lotion. They were too expensive. By junior year in college, the cellulite vanished. At this time, my body was a fat burning machine: I was working out more, walking everywhere, and running track . My glutes were so beautiful then, but I still never wore a bikini.

Anti- cellulite cream only scratches the surface. The only way to reduce cellulite is doing the right exercises to activate the muscles in your hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. If you don’t believe me, check her out:

It has been said more women are affected by cellulite than men and that is because of body composition/distribution and body fat.

Even though my butt no longer looks like this and my butt is home to cellulite, I still have this woman’s confidence. We tend to be our worse critics; we have so much pressure to deal with.

The summer time should be a time where you are relaxed and refreshed not worried and full of angst about your body. As I have aged, the need to get rid of my cellulite is as quiet as ever. Yes, it is back, but it no longer eats away at me.

I know, having positive body image can be tough. I have had times when I didn’t like my body because of my imperfections. But I’m not going to let cellulite worry cause me to skip out on bikini season or run my pocket dry! I don’t want you to worry yourself to death about cellulite either!

Your body is everything and your body is yours!

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