3 Things To Cut Out To Loose Weight

Hey, everyone today is Monday.

The day everyone dreads and hates, the day we are contemplating quitting our jobs, our relationships, or our kids. Mondays get a lot of hate and I don’t think it is fair.

I like to think of Monday as “the restart.” The day of change and to change.  Treat every Monday like your New Year’s Resolution.

Speaking of New Years, it will be 2019 before you know it, scary right? I know. New Year’s Resolutions are typically reserved for weight loss and diet changes. But let’s not wait for the New Year. Start today. This Monday, I am going to give you three things to cut from your life to start your weight-loss journey.

Soda and Sugary Drinks 

-It is 2019 and people are still drinking soda pop. I’m going to tell you guys a little secret: I gave up soda at 15 years old and I haven’t looked back. I’m going to be frank, soda does not love you. You know what loves you? water.

For soda swaps- drink 100 percent juice, unsweetened tea, tea sweetened with stevia, carbonated flavored water,  carbonated water +plus juice, water, coconut water, and or kombucha.


Negative Friends 

-Listen, in order to lose weight and be successful, you have to get rid of the Negative Nancys and Dusty Dylans of the world. You cannot lose weight with people who do not support you and/or who are not trying to help you succeed. These people are dead weights! Shed them. Shed them now.

Where to go for support? Join a gym and while at the gym join a fitness class. Zumba classes and Cycling classes are inclusive and friendly.  If you don’t belong to a gym,  join a group or online community on Facebook or other Social Media. You can also join my group: FitVibes for additional support. If that is not your cup of tea, schedule an appointment with your doctor or a nutritionist to get your weight loss stuff on track!



Fast Food. 

-If you knew me in person, you would know I detest Fast Food especially since Consumer Reports has discovered the food quality in our favorite Fast- Food places is complete crap. I don’t understand how these franchises are still running (expect Chick-Fil-A and Bojangles). What I do know is that you can get healthy options at McDonalds, but what kind of person goes to McDonalds to be healthy?

I understand that life is hectic and Fast Food is for convenience, but please limit this option once-a-week and if you must eat Fast Food go to Taco Bell.

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