Health tip 2: Give your Self Permission to make mistakes.

Hey everyone,

I been on this healthy kick for some time now. I have learn  so much and I have so much more to learn. One thing I wanted to share with you guys is mistakes are okay. There is more to health and fitness than sticking to  routine. I know, I know meal planning and prepping are drilled in our heads. You have to exercise at least 150 minutes a week, but sometimes life happens! Certain days I cannot go to the gym and sometimes I get sick of eating healthy. Health and well being is about finding balance: finding your lifestyle. If you don’t view your healthy journey as a lifestyle, you will not succeed: your mistakes will make you quit. Sorry to be blunt, but it is true. You have to view this thing as a lifestyle or you will be on the yo-yo diet blues and your autoimmune disease will have flare ups like hell.

Its hard. It is hard sticking to the right diet and the right activity. Why do you think so many nutritionist and fitness professionals hammer the words “moderation” and  the phrase “80/20” because they know as humans we are bound to slip up: human nature. So many people will begin a diet, once they eat a cookie or have a slice a pizza, they throw the whole diet away.

A few years ago I would try diets and then my cheat meal will become a cheat week and then a cheat month! Why? Because I didn’t like my food and I didn’t have a reason why. When I made a mistake I thought I failed. Lets get this straight, mistakes do not mean failure. Like my best friend says, “Either you win or you learn.” You guys, the only failure in life is death and even then that is not failure! You learn so much more from making mistakes than you do when you don’t. You have to realize it is okay to make them. You have to give yourself permission to make mistakes, because if you don’t, you will quit and if you quit you will never reach your goals.

I make mistakes every single day. Some days I eat too much other days I don’t eat enough. But, since I allowed myself the permission to fail, I keep going. I don’t view anything I eat bad and I don’t view my eating habits as diet. Nope, I sure don’t. Everything I do and everything I eat, contributes to my journey and my journey is my lifestyle.




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